Personal Assistants Incorporated

PAInc working on an array of support service plans to meet specific needs of different industries. These support services plans, will feature an array of services that will assist an industry with a single solution one point of contact business model. We are currently improving our website here and support services plans. Each services plan will be a business on its own. If you are a person looking for personal assistants services unfortunately we don’t offer services at this time (but you can view the support services we do offer below). If you are an investor below you can view the list of businesses PAInc currently has.

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SupportRE Innovating the real estate Industry by giving agents a single solution one point of contact on their online and farm marketing. With annual programs that fit agents budget and business tempo, putting their marketing efforts on autopilot annually.

Services offered:

Print media (design and management)
Social media (set up and management)
Website (design and management)
Landing page (design and management)